There are many ways you can use your mobile and also help take care of the environment.


Top tips for thinking green for mobile users:


  • You may want to choose your mobile device based on its Eco rating. For example, is it manufactured using sustainable methods, is it made to be easy to recycle, does it contain less hazardous materials and have a longer battery life? These are all important questions. Vodafone's Eco rating program relies on information from mobile device manufacturers, such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Blackberry RIM and LG to rate mobile handsets. You can check out the mobile Eco ratings here. 

  • Remember to recycle your old mobile and accessories such as batteries when you upgrade your mobile.

  • Remember to turn off your charger once your mobile is fully charged - don't leave it plugged in overnight!

  • Using your mobile to work from home may help you cut down on fuel consumption and other travel and work expenses. A side benefit for some is an improved life work balance.

  • Using your mobile for work can cut down on travel time or time spent in meetings by enabling employees and employers to communicate more efficiently.


The mobile industry is also working to improve energy efficiency. You can find out more about the Mobile Carrier's Forum (a division of AMTA) energy efficiency training program here.


For more information you may want to visit mobile carrier and manufacturer sites to find out how they are working to help our environment.










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