Test drive a mobile - checklist

Print out our "test driving a mobile" checklist so you can take it with you to fill out at the store as you shop for a mobile.

Some retailers have their newest phones activated for you to "test drive" there in the store. Be sure to bring a friend with a mobile phone, or have someone standing by at home to receive your calls and to call you. Some retailers have a trial period for return or exchange of phones.

It may also be helpful to contact the store before your visit to explain your needs and find out when would be the best time to visit. Your service provider's customer care team may also be able to advise which would be the best store for you to visit if you call them first.

Using your checklist, ask your sales person to help you find the phone(s) with the features you need and guide you through the tasks of the test drive that follows.

Be sure to consider whether glare, low lighting, or noise would make a difference in completing each task, and which tasks are most important to you. If necessary, ask the sales person to accompany you to other environments, such as areas with bright or low lighting, outside in open air, or a noisy space to test the phone.

Download and print the "test drive a mobile" checklist.




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