With smartphones providing access to the internet, many parents and caregivers would like to be able to limit or control children's access to the web via a smartphone.

There are apps  available that will assist parents with setting controls on their children's mobile use and some apps also allow parents to monitor usage. 

For example, if you have an android mobile you can download Vodafone's Guardian app for android which will enable parental controls to be set on a range of android mobile phones. You do not have to be a Vodafone customer to install and use the app.

The Vodafone Guardian app for android allows parents to:

  • select the time of day that the mobile device can be used for calling, receiving text messages and accessing the internet (for example, no internet access during school hours or no texting after bedtime)
  • bar calls
  • turn off apps
  • block text messages from individiual contacts, for example, to block bullying messages
  • manage costs

Or, if you are an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch user, you can read information here about how to set parental controls.

Blackberry users can download a parental control app from Blackberry App WorldTM.

Some mobile service providers may also offer their own services that allow parental controls to be set on devices via an app or at the network level via your mobile account.

Check with your service provider to find out what's available in terms of parental controls for your handset and/or mobile plan:

Optus cybersafety resources  or Optus Mobile Security App

Telstra Smart Controls

Vodafone resources for parents


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