Currently there is no specific government regulation that restricts the use of mobiles on Australian airlines and there is no substantiated proof mobile phones can interfere with aircraft systems from within the passenger cabin. 

In fact, a recent US study (by Professors Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris)  found that 40 percent of airline passengers ignored requests to completely turn off their phones. The study concluded that the fact that flights are still completed safely while some passengers ignore the request to turn off their mobiles in the cabin proves that mobile signals are not a risk to flight safety.

However, most airlines do have precautionary policies concerning the use of mobile devices onboard flights. And passengers are required to obey all lawful instruction by the pilot in command in accordance with Civil Aviation Regulations.

So, when you fly, we recommend that you obey the airlines policy and if asked to turn off your mobile device or put it into "flight mode" you should do so.

Putting your phone into "flight mode" will stop the device from connecting to the mobile network but allow you to still access your phone to play games, listen to music or access your phone's stored data. On some airlines you may be able to use in-flight wi-fi while your phone is in flight mode.

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