Your children might know more about mobiles than you, but there’s a lot you can do to help them avoid cyberbullying and use their mobiles safely and responsibly.

Tips for parents:

  • Your parental skills still apply in the digital world despite you not knowing as much about mobiles as your children.
  • Take an active interest in cybersafety for your children by setting rules and developing their cybersafety skills.
  • Use built-in privacy tools that can set social networking pages or blogs to “private” allowing only those who are invited to see it.The eSafety Homepage has specific information about popular games, apps and social media platforms used by kids - that can help you get up to speed on what your child is using and how they can protect themselves.
  • If your child is cyberbullied talk to friends, family and parents of your children’s friends to see how they help their children in the digital world. The eSafety Commissioner's website has useful information about what to do about cyberbullying and how to report offensive online content.
  • Advise children not to respond to cyberbullying. Save offensive texts, social media posts (take a screenshot) emails or voice messages because they can be used to investigate.
  • Cyberbullying is about relationships not technology. It’s crucial to communicate with your child. Stay calm and reassure them they’ve done the right thing telling you when they’ve been the victim. Don’t threaten to take away their mobile because it’s the way they connect and such a threat may mean that they don't tell you about bullying or inappropriate content/contact.
  • Stay informed: visit the eSafety Homepage and keep in touch with your child's school so that you are aware of their policies on preventing bullying and cybersafety.


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