Mobile coverage and good reception are very important to mobile device users.

Before buying a mobile service check the mobile carrier’s coverage information to ensure that your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device will work where you intend to use it - for example, at home, at work, during your commute and while on holidays.

There are ways you can safely and legally enhance your mobile coverage.

But it's also important to remember that mobile phone boosters are banned because they can cause significant interference to mobile networks and mobile repeaters may only be used if the specific model has been authorised for your use by your mobile carrier. 
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for regulation of mobile phone boosters and repeaters under the Radiocommunications Act (1992)


It pays to be careful about devices you purchase and use in Australia to boost mobile coverage.
There are several websites that advertise devices which promise to help boost mobile coverage – but these devices are often illegal.
These devices are prohibited because they often cause significant interference with mobile networks and prevent other mobile users from accessing the networks, which can have serious consequences if somebody is unable to make an emergency call.

Mobile Repeaters

A mobile repeater is a fixed radio-communications device that can be used to “repeat” a wireless signal from a base station and so provide mobile coverage to areas where the base-station signal may be weaker.
Licensed mobile carriers use mobile repeaters as part of their overall network management and deployment program.
Anyone who is not a licensed mobile carrier may only use a mobile repeater with the permission of a licensed mobile carrier. This is because mobile repeaters often cause significant interference and disruption to mobile networks. Unauthorised use of mobile repeaters can result in fines of up to $255,000 or two years imprisonment. 
You can read more about the rules for mobile phone repeaters on the ACMA website and you can report the use of an unauthorised or illegal device by calling the ACMA on 1300 850 115 or by emailing 

Mobile phone boosters

Mobile phone boosters are devices that can be attached via a cable to a mobile device to boost the signal strength. 
Mobile phone boosters are prohibited by the ACMA because they can cause significant interference with mobile networks and prevent access to mobile services by other users. This can have very serious consequences for anyone nearby trying to make a call, particularly in an emergency. You can read more about why mobile phone boosters are prohibited on the ACMA website.

Mobile phone and GPS jamming devices

Mobile phone and GPS jamming devices are designed to cause interference so that mobile phones and GPS devices cannot work. 
The use and possession of these jamming devices is illegal.
Mobile phone customers pay for their service and licensed mobile carriers have paid for a spectrum licence to provide mobile telephony services on their mobile networks. When someone uses a jamming device they are interfering with both the customer’s right to access the service they have paid for as well as the licensed mobile carrier’s spectrum property rights. More importantly, people rely on their mobile phones not only to keep in touch with family and friends, but for safety and security.This is why the use of an illegal mobile jamming device can result in up to $255,000 or two years imprisonment. 
You can read more about why jamming devices are illegal on the ACMA’s website here as well as find out how to report their use or surrender an illegal device. 

If you need help with coverage, talk to your mobile service provider as they will be able to tell you about safe and legal ways to improve your coverage.

Your mobile carrier also has coverage tips which you can access via the following links:


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