Today's smartphones come with many built-in accessibility features that are helpful for people living with disability and those who experience limitations in hearing, vision, dexterity or learning ability.

There are also many mobile apps designed to assist people who have specific accessibility requirements.

The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) was developed by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum to provide a central point of information for consumers interested in the various accessibility features of mobile phones, tablets and apps.

You can visit the GARI website  and find out more about various accessibility features available on mobile devices. You can also search their database to find a mobile phone, device or app that will be suitable based on your particular accessibility needs.

The Newell Network is an excellent resource for people (and their carers) who have more complex communication accessibility requirements and who find it difficult to use a mobile phone independently.

Click here to read tips about choosing a mobile based on your accessibility needs.

Click here for information about using a mobile if you wear a hearing-aid or have a cochlear implant.


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