Ringtones, games, music, sport, voting, chat, news….What, when, why and how much?

Today’s smartphones are truly interactive, providing access to the internet and a wealth of content including mobile apps for download and 19 SMS/MMS (mobile premium services).
19 SMS/MMS or mobile premium services offer a range of interactive and often personalised content including entertainment and information services such as competitions, games, ringtones, voting, sports results, chat services, directory assistance, transport timetables and age-restricted content.
These services are accessed by calling or texting phone numbers beginning with “19” and are called mobile premium services because they are charged at a premium price.
Most mobile premium services are subscription services and it is likely that if you buy content by calling or texting a 19 number that you will be signing up to subscribe to ongoing content or services. You can cancel your subscription at any time by texting “STOP” to the 19 number. There are no minimum contract terms for 19 SMS so you will not be charged any termination fees for sending a “STOP” message.
Mobile premium services can be useful and fun, but as with any purchase, it’s important that you understand exactly what you’re asking for – and how much it costs – before using them.

Top Tips for 19 SMS:

 Here are some tips to assist you work out what’s what and help you enjoy 19 SMS/MMS without any surprises:
1.    If the number starts with “19” it is a mobile premium service and will be charged at a premium rate.
2.    Don’t use a premium service unless you know the full cost: cost per message, frequency of messages, total cost to you. 

3.    If you’re not sure about anything, ask before you subscribe!  

4.    Don’t let anyone borrow your phone unless you really trust them. If they use premium services on your phone, you’re the one that has to pay. This includes lending your phone to family!
5.    Text “STOP” to cancel a premium SMS/MMS service.
6.    Ask questions, read the terms & conditions.
7.    If you’re asked for your mobile number, ask yourself “what will it be used for?” before providing it.
8.    Keep a record of all premium services you subscribe to and total expected costs so you don’t get any surprises when you get your bill.
9.    Any problems, call the company providing the premium SMS/MMS service or your carrier. And if you’re not happy with the response, contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (for premium issues). 
10. You can report SMS spam to the ACMA here.

www.19SMS.com.au has more information about premium services.


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